Importing test bank files in IMSCC format is easy because IMSCC files are, what are referred to as, "common cartridge" files, meaning that they can be imported into any LMS that follows the IMS standards for learning tools. The steps to import an IMSCC test bank file is as follows: 

  1. Access the course and click on Course Admin. 
  2. Click on Import/Export/Copy Components.
  3. Select Import Components > From a course package. 
  4. Click Start. 
  5. Click Upload and select the IMSCC file to import or simply drag the IMSCC file onto the upload button. 
  6. Click "Import All Components" to import the entire test bank into the course or select "Advanced Options" to select individual items to import. 
  7. Depending on the size of the test bank file it may take a few moments to upload, convert, and import the test bank into Brightspace. 
  8. Once it is done you should see the tests listed when you go to Toolbox > Quizzes. 

If you experience any trouble while importing an IMSCC file into Brightspace, please contact Wayne in the Technology Assistance Center for assistance.