Follow these steps to upload a video to Panopto, edit who can view the video, and share the link or embed it. 

1. From within your course, click on Toolbox > Panopto Recordings.

2. When the Panopto interface loads inside of Brightspace, click on Create > Upload Media.

3. Click where it says, "Choose video or audio files", and select the video to upload from your computer. 

4. Wait for the window to display "Upload complete. You can close this window now." Once that appears, you can click on the small X in the top right corner of this popup window. 

5. It will take a few minutes for the video to be processed by Panopto, but you can change the access settings and grab the link while it's in process by clicking on the "Share" button. Please note that these buttons only appear when you bring your mouse over the area where they appear.  

6. By default access is limited to only specific people. To change this click on the line that says, "Specific People" and then select "Anyone with the link". Click the save button, located at the bottom of this popup window. The link listed near the top of the window (that looks like is the one you will want to copy and send to users. If you wish to embed this video on a web page or content document you can click on the word "Embed" to get the embed code.