It is possible to print a student's quiz attempt, or to save it as a PDF. The attempt is in a "human readable" format. Here are the steps to print or print to PDF a quiz attempt.

  1. Click on Toolbox > Quizzes.
  2. Locate the correct quiz and click on the "more actions" arrow to the right of the title. 
  3. Click on Grade from the "more actions" menu. 
  4. Locate the student for whom you are exporting the attempt and click on the attempt you wish to export. For example, "attempt 1". 
  5. In your browser's menu bar, click on File > Print or use CTRL + P to open the print dialog window. 
  6. If you are sending the document to a physical printer:
    1. In the print dialog window, make sure the correct printer is showing and click the Print button.
  7. If you are exporting the document as a PDF:
    1. In the print dialog window, click on the name of your printer (if one is listed) and select the option "Microsoft Print to PDF". 
    2. Click the Print button. 
    3. A window will open asking you to choose a location to save the PDF and a title for the PDF. Choose a location, name the file, and click the "save" button. 

You should now have either a printed copy or a PDF copy of the student's quiz attempt, which shows the total score, the correct answer for each quiz question, as well as the student's chosen answer.