If you need to reduce the file size of a video or want to record a video outside of YouSeeU, you can use Windows Movie Maker if you are using Windows or you can use iMovie if you are using a Mac.

Using Movie Maker on Windows

If your computer doesn’t already have Windows Movie Maker on it, you can download it here.

After opening Movie Maker, you can choose to import a video file that you may have, or you can record a video using a webcam.

If you want to import a video, it will allow you to choose a file from your computer. If you want to record a video using a webcam, it will bring up a video recorder that will allow you to record yourself.

Once you have supplied Movie Maker with a video, you will be able to watch your video to make sure it is how you want it before you export your video.

To export your video, go to File -> Save Movie -> For Email. Once you click that, it will allow you to save your video on your computer wherever you want. From here, you can now log on to YouSeeU and upload this video.

Using iMovie on a Mac

If your computer doesn’t have iMovie installed, it is available on the Mac App Store.

To start a new project, you can click on the big plus sign, and press Movie.

If you have a video you want to use, you can import it here using this import button.

If you want to make a recording on your computer, you can do so in PhotoBooth. When you have made your recording, you can drag it into iMovie so it can be exported correctly.

Now that your video is in iMovie, you can view it to make sure it is how you want it. When you are ready to export it, you can go to File -> Share -> File.

Here you will give your file a name. Make sure that the resolution is set to 540p and the quality to Medium. When you are finished you can press Next and it will allow you to save your file. You can now log in to YouSeeU and upload this file for use.