In certain specific situations, instructors can enroll and unenroll non-student users within a D2L course.  Please review the scenarios to determine if it applies to your situation.

If you are an instructor role, you can enroll/unenroll...

  • Instructors -  Enrolling other instructors should only be done in limited situations of content sharing.  You are not allowed to enroll another instructor in your course if the other instructor is also teaching your course.  You must inform the Registrars if there are multiple instructors so that Banner can be updated.  Additionally, please consider FERPA when allowing other instructors to view your course.  You can share content within the Learning Object Repository, as well, which should be the first option considered before enrolling another instructor in your course.  Please remove the instructor you enrolled when access is no longer needed.
  • Evaluators - For evaluation purposes, you can enroll the person that is evaluating you.  You can also unenroll the evaluator when the evaluation has fininshed.

If you are an advisor role, you can enroll/unenroll...

Note: Only certain people within the institution are granted the role of advisor.  The advisor role is reserved for specific situations.

  • Instructors - The courses that are used for advising are not connected to Banner.  Therefore, advisors can enroll instructors as required.
  • Students - The courses that are used for advising are not connected to Banner and are used for specific purposes.  Therefore, students that are requiring access to these shells can be added by the person that holds the advisor role.

You must contact GFC MSU's D2L support to add interpreters and embedded tutors.  

How2 Enroll/Unenroll Non-Student Users with a D2L Course

1. Select "Communications", followed by "Classlist" from the navbar.

2. Select "Add Participants".

3. Select "Add Existing Users".

IMPORTANT: Never select "Create and Enroll a User". Accounts in D2L are automatically created once a Net ID is issued, and only the Technology Assistance Center is permitted to make account manually, should the need arise.

4. Type in the person's name in the "Add Existing Users".

5. Checkmark the person you can to add, and select the person's role/section. Select "Enroll Selected Users".

6. To unenroll, choose the person from the Classlist, and select "unenroll".