There are a variety of reasons why feedback may not be showing for your students.  Please follow the steps below to ensure that settings are correct.

  1. Make sure that grades are released.  This is generally done automatically, unless you are copying forward a course that was created prior to the Fall semester of 2017.  (Example: I have taught this class since 2015 and I use copy components in Course Admin to copy my materials semester after semester).  All courses newly created from the Fall semester of 2017 and onward should have grades released.  See Faculty - How2 Release Final Grades in D2L's Gradebook to check your settings.
  2. The students may be missing where their feedback is actually located.  The "grades" tab only provides a snapshot.  More feedback can be found if the student navigates to the item that was actually graded.  (Example: A student wanting to see the feedback on a quiz should navigate to the "quiz" tab and open the actual quiz.)
  3. You may have some settings for that particular assignment that are preventing students from seeing the graded submission. 

Please contact a member of the Technology Assistance Center if you are unsure of how to remedy this issue.  We are happy to help.