Wiggio is a site that allows you to Work In Groups. (W.I.G.gio). It can be found through the link on the homepage in D2L.

Getting In

To access Wiggio, log in to D2L. You will see the Wiggio icon at the upper right hand corner of the homepage. When you click on this link, it will redirect you to the external website.


Great Falls College MSU does not actively monitor third party websites that are linked from our D2L site and disclaims any responsibility for the content provided on third party websites.

Learning About Wiggio

When you log in the first time (or until you create a group), you will be given the opportunity to take a tour. To learn more about Wiggio, there is a full list of resources and simple training guides you can access by clicking on the gear next to your name and selecting "Knowledge Base". We recommend reading through the Getting Started Forum.