There will be some changes, but nothing too drastic.  Please note that we are in the process of creating training materials and finalizing how Daylight will look for our university.


1.  Location of some tools: Some of the "instructor only" course design tools will be located in Course Admin.  Toolbox will be streamlined for student tools.

2.  Colors:  The colors will be mostly white schemed.

3.  Course Tiles:  You will see course tiles that show pictures of course subjects (example: a violin for a music course).  These can be chosen by the instructor.

4.  Updated:  Some updates and add-ons will be added when Daylight is activated.

Not Changing:

1. Content: Everything will still be there and the content you have saved in D2L will be unaffected.

2. Course Setup:  Steps you must take in order to set up your courses.