Some courses, such as Interpersonal Communications online, require students to use their computer's webcam to record videos. Students who are using Windows Vista or newer can use Windows Movie Maker to record their videos and then save them in a format that is small enough to be uploaded via the D2L Brightspace Dropbox. 

Windows Vista users should already have Movie Maker installed but Windows 7, 8, and 10 users can download Movie Maker from this address

Once you have Movie Maker installed, follow these steps to record and save your video. 

  1. Look for, and click on the button titled "Webcam video". 

  2. Click the "Record" button. 

  3. Record your video and click the "Stop" button when done. 

  4. In the window that opens, select where you would like to save your video file and change the name if desired. (We will be saving another copy of the video, so it's not necessary to give your video it's final file name at this point.) 

  5. After clicking the "Save" button, you should be back in the main window for Movie Maker. 

  6. To re-save the video into a format that will be easier to send by email or via the D2L Brightspace Dropbox, click on "File", "Save Movie", and then "For Email". 

  7. Select where you would like the video saved and give this video it's final name. (Some instructors have specific requirements for file names, be sure to follow the instructor's requirements when saving your video at this stage.)

  8. Your video should now be small enough to email or send through the D2L Brightspace Dropbox.