You can update your personal email address that is used for correspondence from the college by logging into Banner Web. You can list multiple email addresses, however, you will mark one as ‘Preferred’. The ‘Preferred’ address is the one the college will use for communications. 

  1. Point your web browser to 
  2. Click on “Students”.
  3. Click on “Banner Web/My Info”.
  4. Click on “Enter Secure Area”.
  5. Enter your student ID, with the dash in front of it (ex., -01234567), and your Banner Web/My Info PIN (this is a password you would have created when logging into Banner Web for the first time. Click “Login”. 
  6. Click on “Personal Information”.
  7. Click on “Update Email Addresses”.
  8. From here, you can add as many email addresses as you would like or you can click “Edit” to edit the current email address. 
  9. While you are adding or editing accounts, be sure to check the “Mark preferred” checkbox for any account that you would like to use for official communications from the college. 
  10. Be sure to click save after making any changes. 
  11. Click “Exit” and you’re done!