At Great Falls College MSU, some of our instructors require the use of a testing center or test proctor for tests and exams. For students who are not local to our campus this can be a challenge or roadblock to their success. To help alleviate this challenge, some instructors have begun using Respondus Monitor as an option for students that allows them to use their computer's webcam to record themselves taking the exam within LockDown Browser. The instructor is then able to review the video and save any clips that may require further review. Please see the video below for more information about Respondus LockDown Browser and Respondus Monitor. 

Please note: This information is intended for students of Great Falls College Montana State University. If you are a student of another college, university, or school that uses Respondus LockDown Browser, please either contact your school’s Information Technology Department or Respondus with any questions, concerns, or support issues related to Respondus LockDown Browser.