To use LockDown Browser (LDB), you first need to install the program. Please visit the following article for help and information regarding how to install LDB. Installing LockDown Browser. Once you are done installing it, come back to this page to continue. 

Now that you have LDB installed, you will need to open the LDB program and use it to take your quiz or exam. Note: You may want to print these instructions before attempting the following steps, as the LDB will take over your computer and prevent you from seeing other web browsers. 

  • On Windows computers you can click on the "Start" button (near the bottom left corner of the screen) and search for "LockDown Browser". 
  • On Mac computers, click on the "Spotlight" icon near the top right corner and search for LockDown Browser or open the "Finder", click on "Applications", and then double-click on "LockDown Browser". 
When LDB starts you will see a D2L login page. Login to D2L using your NetID and password, as you would normally. Once you are logged in, navigate to your course, click on "Toolbox" > "Quizzes", and click on the name of the quiz or exam you are about to take. You will now see a "Start Quiz" button and can click on it to begin your quiz as you normally would within D2L. 

If you have any problems installing or using LockDown Browser, please contact your instructor or the eLearning Department for help. 

Please note: This information is intended for students of Great Falls College Montana State University. If you are a student of another college, university, or school that uses Respondus LockDown Browser, please either contact your school’s Information Technology Department or Respondus with any questions, concerns, or support issues related to Respondus LockDown Browser.