About Pager

The pager is an online messaging tool for sending text messages to classmates and other members of your Learning Environment. A page is quicker and less formal than an email. Use the pager to quickly see which of your classmates are online, get an answer from a friend, or to send a reminder or notice. 

Access the Pager tool

Do one of the following: 

  • Click Go to Pager from the Message alert icon on the minibar. 
  • Click Pager on the navbar.

Sending and Receiving Pages

Sending pages

  1. From the Pager tool window, dow one of the following:
  • select the users from your Friends list and click Message or
  • click on a contact's name
  • Type a Message.
  • Click Send.

  • Receiving Pages

    Depending on how the pager tool is set up at your organization, you may receive and read incoming pager notifications in the Message alert icon on the minibar.